22 Days of Thanks Day 9

It's so difficult to reflect and to write something positive and full of thanks when I'm feeling the exact opposite. Today was definitely a frustrating day, and as much as I would like to release these feelings of frustration and anger out of my system, a part of me continuously holds onto these emotions. It... Continue Reading →

Thank U, Next – 22 Days of Thanks Day 8

Happy Thursday! It's almost Friday! 🙂 I'm not sure if it's because I've listened to Ariana Grande's newest single, "Thank U, Next," too many times on repeat today or if it's the fact that today was a rough day, but on this eighth day of thanks, in the words of the catchy chorus, "I'm so... Continue Reading →

22 Days of Thanks Day 5

Man, today was such a good day! Today's post will definitely have more than one thing to be grateful for as I reflect upon this day. I am grateful for good days at work (aka the days I teach first grade). My first grade babies are such sweethearts, and my heart is always filled with... Continue Reading →

22 Days of Thanks Day 4

Aloha pumehana kākou 🙂 As this relaxing weekend comes to a close, I feel this is the perfect timing to reflect upon today and to show more appreciation in my life. On this fourth day of thanks, I am appreciative of new beginnings. When one door closes, another door opens. Although I am always super... Continue Reading →

22 Days of Thanks Day 3

Aloha mai kākou e nā hoa 🙂 I have been out all day that I almost forgot about typing up today's post! Since it's almost midnight where I am, I'm keeping today's post brief. (you're welcome) Today I am appreciative for chill, relaxing days where I do not have any obligations. These moments of peace... Continue Reading →

TGIF – 22 Days of Thanks Day 2

Holy moly, it's finally Friday! Another week has flew by, and although it is not even noon yet, I am already in the Friday mode. Nothing can phase me! Staying in a classroom on a beautiful, sunny day? Easy! Forgetting to eat breakfast before heading off to school? I'm currently in my prep time, so... Continue Reading →

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