Nothing is Sweeter

Nothing is sweeter Than the sound of laughter. A beautiful symphony, Its melodies resonating Within those you love.   My cousin, Keira, is back from Seattle for a week! It was lovely spending time with some family tonight 🙂   The Daily Post Daily Prompt - Laughter

Today is just an ordinary day.

Today is just an ordinary day. I woke up. I ate some food. I got ready for work. I spent the day grading papers for my students Constantly writing down today's date Over and over and over. 4/17 A day that no longer means something special. A day that no longer carries my memories To... Continue Reading →

An Apple A Day

Aloha mai kākou! 🙂 I hope you all have been having a lovely week so far! Every Wednesday for about half a year now, I have been volunteering with the Hawaiʻi Literacy program. This group focuses on helping people gain the knowledge and skills needed through literacy and other services in low-income housing. I specifically... Continue Reading →


My mind is mush. My brain continues bubbling Slosh thickening Froth foaming Within the vicinity of my skull. The mush continues to churn As my mind draws a blank. Oh, writer's block, Oh how I hate thee!   The Daily Post Daily Prompt - Froth


You are radiant.   Even in the depths of despair, Unworthy of the greatest of praise.   You are radiant.   For even in the darkest of hours, The smallest of flames illuminates.   You are radiant.   Like the faint glimmer of a rainbow Within the darkest April storm clouds.   For as long... Continue Reading →


You were unlike any boy I had ever fallen for.   You weren't my first rodeo, But I was so sure. You were different from the last. I had found home within your arms, Warmth within your deep eyes, And a love so divine Aphrodite would be jealous Of that gravitational force within The beatings... Continue Reading →


Isn't it funny How someone who once felt So familiar So much like home Suddenly feels so foreign The moment he whispers, "I just don't love you anymore"...   The Daily Post Daily Prompt - Foreign

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