22 Days of Thanks Day 13

As I reflect upon the series of events that have been taking place in my life, I cannot help but be amused at how life is playing out. With this in mind, on this thirteenth day of thanks, I give thanks to timing.

Yes, I know this is a bit similar to Day 1, but I seriously am grateful for the timing of how different events have been playing out throughout my life. Sometimes, I may yearn for something to happen, and then I become disappointed when that something does not happen. However, when something better comes along (and something better always comes along!), I cannot help but be amused at the way things play out.

Timing has brought me my happiest days I have had in a while this year. Timing has also brought me my saddest moments…but even the saddest, roughest moments, I have realized, are brought before me for a reason. I am currently witnessing the continued strength and the growth of unity between my family, especially between my parents, during our current obstacles – something that definitely has been placed in our lives in the right moment. Although I always question why the most difficult obstacles and burdens are placed in life’s path in general, over time I am realizing that everything truly happens for a reason. Everything has its proper order. Everything has its proper place.

I do not want to go into detail as to what is happening within my family. All I know is that every single person in my family is extremely strong…but although I am trying my best to remain strong during these shaky moments, I also cannot help but be weary. I am afraid. I am so damn afraid. But I know Ke Akua is always watching over us, and He is always wrapping us in His bright light. I know there’s a reason for what is happening. I know Ke Akua always has his timing perfectly planned. I just need to trust in Him and believe that everything will be okay.

I am thankful for timing, both good and bad. I am thankful for His plan, for I know that everything will work out some way or another.

Me ke aloha,

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