22 Days of Thanks Days 10-12

Aloha mai kākou e nā hoa 🙂

E kala mai! Deepest apologies for not posting these past couple of days! (although in complete honesty, you all were probably grateful for the couple of days without seeing any posts from me!) Even though I missed a couple of days, I will try my best to condense them into one single post!

I am thankful for fun-filled, three-day weekends! This weekend was filled to the brim with so many cheerful moments that I was too busy to just stop and type out a blog post. I guess weekends like this – cherished moments like this weekend – are moments where you just stop and enjoy fully and completely. These moments are what I cherish the most – moments where I can just live 100% in it.

I sang my heart out with family (and belted some pretty difficult songs with my official karaoke singing partner, Misha!). I laughed so hard until my (nonexistent) abs ached with pain. I shed some tears (unintentionally). I enjoyed company so much that I didn’t eat because I just wasn’t hungry during the moment. I visited my grandparents at the cemetery after years of not visiting. I went back to my alma mater to relive my marching band career and introduced someone to that part of my life. As I look back upon this three-day weekend, a smile is plastered upon my face as my heart is filled with glee.

My life has been full of such wonderful moments like these lately. It’s a feeling I have been holding so close to my heart, and I hope to continue having moments that leave me with a smile on my face long after they pass.

Me ke aloha,

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