22 Days of Thanks Day 4

Aloha pumehana kākou 🙂

As this relaxing weekend comes to a close, I feel this is the perfect timing to reflect upon today and to show more appreciation in my life.

On this fourth day of thanks, I am appreciative of new beginnings. When one door closes, another door opens. Although I am always super apprehensive about new situations, I am slowly learning to open myself up a little more and to embrace new beginnings.

As I had stated in my first post in this 22 Days of Thanks, Ke Akua places things in His plan for a reason. Whether the lessons learned are good or bad, they are lessons learned either way. I don’t know what is planned for me with this, but there must be a reason.

Just as slowly as a flower blooms from being a seed or a butterfly to form from being a caterpillar, learning how to open up again is a process in itself. New beginnings mean trusting in that process. New beginnings mean to allow yourself to be vulnerable even when you’re afraid to trust or to relive the pain. However, if you are unwilling to put that all on the line, you will be unable to grow.

In the end, we all want something beautiful. A favorite quote of mine states, “There is always a rainbow after the rain.” Even if you have gone through the harshest storms, a rainbow will always appear afterwards. It won’t storm forever, even if it feels like it at times. The roughest moments will always form the most beautiful diamond in the end.


Me ke aloha,

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