TGIF – 22 Days of Thanks Day 2

Holy moly, it’s finally Friday!

Another week has flew by, and although it is not even noon yet, I am already in the Friday mode. Nothing can phase me! Staying in a classroom on a beautiful, sunny day? Easy! Forgetting to eat breakfast before heading off to school? I’m currently in my prep time, so I can eat my lunch right now if I want to! Dealing with third graders who have difficulties listening to their Kumu on their Specials Day? …not that easy…I only saw one class so far, and I’m dreading seeing the other two later on today.

However, this being Day 2 of my 22 Days of Thanks, I figured today would be the perfect day to give thanks to my favorite day of the week – Friday! Friday has always blessed me with a burst of energy and cheer. The feeling of knowing I can relax after a crazy, stressful week and not have to worry so much about work the next day fills my heart with glee, whether it be going out with friends or just staying at home like a grandma (my Friday nights have mainly been the latter ever since becoming a teacher, to be quite honest!).

So here’s to you, Friday, for being that beacon of light at the end of every stressful week! I seriously would not be sane without you!

I hope you all have an amazing Aloha Friday! 🙂

Me ke aloha,

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