The return of students + Feeling like a criminal (Teaching Diaries)

It feels lovely knowing that I don’t have to do anything work/volunteer-related tomorrow! Although I don’t acknowledge Fourth of July as an actual holiday, it does feel nice to know that I get to just relax and chill in the swimming pool tomorrow 🙂

Reading Day

I had thought that Monday would be slow like how it has been so far this summer. However, I was surprised that by the time the middle of my shift came along, the cafeteria was packed with students and parents, and the students’ books/work were piling in the baskets! So many of our students went on trips, and the vast majority of them had returned! Although I enjoy our slower days since I don’t feel like I have to rush to get the work checked, it’s nice to be continuously busy and to constantly have something to do for the whole shift!

One of my students was in an especially positive mood from the moment she came in. It was her birthday the previous day, plus she came in with soda and candy that her teacher had bought her for helping out (she had shared that she helps the teachers during the summertime). This student in particular struggles quite a bit with her reading/grammar comprehension, so she usually sits with me while we work on her corrections/work together. This usually backs me up once other students finish their work and need to read to me. However, on this day, she just wanted to finish her corrections since she had a few packets worth. Her comprehension has been improving from when I had first started working, and she surprisingly got through her corrections fairly quickly and easily! (most likely because we don’t allow the students to eat/drink until after they finish studying)

Besides correcting the students’ work and listening to their reading, I also had to run a placement test for the baby sister of one of our math students. She was so adorable! She’s only three years old, so recognizing words on their own and using a pencil was definitely a struggle. However, she was able to recognize pictures of animals and things! Plus, she is able to repeat words clearly when you ask her to repeat, which is definitely a great thing!

Math Day

Because of the (surprising) amount of students that showed up on Monday, we had quite a bit of back work from Lanakila to correct at Maʻemaʻe. As much as I had wanted to finish all of Lanakila’s work in the hour we had before summer school ended (when the majority of our students come to tutoring), it just wasn’t possible. Most of the work we had were from students who didn’t come the past month, and one person’s book that I corrected had both summer work plus corrections! It didn’t help that the majority of them had numerous mistakes in them.

Once summer school ended, it seemed like the amount of students that came in today didn’t end! We had students coming in all the way until the very last minute trying to finish today’s classwork! It didn’t help that I was feeling pretty tired both from the heat and from being on the go since this morning. However, I survived today’s shift even though we ended a little later than usual.

New Job Updates

Now that I’ve accepted this new teaching job, I’ve filled out paperwork. One requirement of accepting a teaching job/filling out paperwork is to go and do fingerprinting (so that a background check can be done). I had originally set an appointment for my fingerprinting for last week Thursday. However, one of the forms the Honolulu District Office needed required my principal’s signature, which I did not have. I had planned to get her signature before heading to my appointment. However, she wasn’t planning on being in her office until after my set appointment time. So, a new appointment day and time was set once I received the signature.

The fingerprinting experience itself was quite an interesting one! After reading a form and signing another one, I was set to do my fingerprinting. Boy did I feel like a criminal! One of the office workers rolled out ink onto this metal bar, and she told me which fingers I needed for each section of the fingerprinting form. As she did so, she physically rolled my fingers in the ink and onto the form. Each finger had to print individually, followed by the four digits of each hand together and the thumb separately. Although it was fairly quick, it was quite an awkward experience! Even though I know I did nothing wrong and that I’m an innocent person in the law, I still cannot help but worry that I’ll be caught for something I didn’t even do! However, I got the receipt I needed to turn into my school’s office, and I am one step closer to starting this new job!


I hope you all have a relaxing day tomorrow whether or not you celebrate Fourth of July! I, for one, will definitely make the most of my free day!

Me ke aloha,

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