To the Women Who Have Raised Me

I’m so blessed to have been raised by two incredible women all my life. In honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to them 🙂


To my favorite midget lady,

Mom, you definitely don’t receive enough credit for all that you do for this family.

When I was younger while I was growing up, I had wished that I were raised by you and dad instead of only seeing you two on the weekends. However, now that I am older, I understand that it would have been difficult to try to raise my brother and me with work schedules that were never truly consistent. More than that, though, I now understand the sacrifice you’ve made in not raising us during the school weeks. Although I’ve barely got to see you from the time I was young until this very day, it made me truly appreciate all the moments I do get to share with you.

You are constantly working, most nights coming home after work to continue working from home with out-of-state customers. Although there are many stressful moments, you never seize to stop providing for your family, whether it be paying bills, buying more than enough food, and everything in between.

Because you are always working, you’ve never really had the opportunity to watch many of my performances (hula, band, theatre, etc.). However, if/when you know you are able to, you try your absolute best to be there to support me. I always cherish the moments you are in the audience. Even though you automatically say I’m the best one (or that I’m the star) even if it’s a group performance, it truly means the world knowing you’ve enjoyed the performances.

I know I always tease you about how you’re shorter than I am. I know if I’m not shaking/spinning you around on the “time out chair”, I’m laying all over you on the couch. I know you get a little annoyed when I don’t tell you the names of all the friends I hang out with. I know our relationship isn’t as close as I’d like it to be where I can easily tell you everything about my life. However, you mean the world to me, and I consider myself so blessed to have you as my mother.


To the Big G,

Grandma, if there’s one phrase I don’t say enough to you, it’s “thank you”.

You were ready and willing to raise my brother and me from the moment we were babies when my mom and dad were unable to during the school week. Although you had retired from work, you didn’t mind raising two kids. You’ve read books over and over to us while growing up. You’ve played games and toys with us in your living room. You’ve continuously walked up and down stairs when we were learning how to walk. You’ve watched us ride bicycles and scooters in the parking lot so that we wouldn’t get hurt.

By the time I began going to school, you were always there every step of the way. You’d be the chaperone for school field trips. You’d take me to school and pick me up every single day. You were always ready to answer any homework question I had, and you were always ready to edit every essay I wrote. You were there every moment I’ve complained about things, whether it was about school, people, and rehearsals. You’ve been one of my number one fans (the other being my dad), always in the audience for every hula performance, marching band tournament, concert band performance, ʻukulele show, or theatre performance. You’ve been that constant source of refuge during so many of life’s moments.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized you’re more than just a grandmother to me. At first, I’ve considered you as a second mother. However, I’ve realized you’re even more than that. You’re my best friend. If I’m not at work, volunteering, out with friends, or in my room, I’m always with you. I enjoy the moments we share watching television (news, family sitcoms, Korean dramas, or late night television) in the living room, me on the couch while you’re on your chair with your special backrest. I’m grateful that you deal with my boisterous laughter, my booming screams, and my “beautiful” singing while we watch our shows together. I enjoy our shopping days to the mall together – from our “pancake breakfasts” to us spending most of our time in Macy’s. I cherish all our conversations, stories, and laughter shared together.

We’ve spent so much time together the past 23 years. It’s come to the point where you’ve rubbed off on me as our family ever-so-lovingly considers me “Mini Grandma” (Mini G for short). There isn’t anyone else I’d want to embody, to be honest, and for that, I’m truly grateful for you. You’ve instilled so much of your wisdom and love within me through all of the life lessons I have learned. I’m (somewhat) of a lady because of you constantly hammering it down my throat (although you would say otherwise whenever I’m with you :P). You’ve taught me to be patient during hectic moments and to always think positively whenever things don’t go as planned. You’ve taught me to be strong even in the roughest of moments. I’ve learned so much because of you, and I still continue to learn about life with you by my side. I truly wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for you.



I wouldn’t be who I am today without your constant love and support throughout my life. Thank you, mom and grandma, for all that you’ve done and all that you continue to do for me! My love for you is endless. Hauʻoli Lā Makuahine! Happy Mother’s Day!


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