Kiss & Tell

Aloha ahiahi kākou! Good evening, everyone! I hope you have been having a lovely week! 🙂

Many of my posts so far have been on the serious/heavy side. Because of this, I wanted to share a story of mine that I still cherish long after it had happened that few know about. Hopefully you’ll appreciate the innocence and humor like how I do so many years later!

My story begins in the (somewhat) delightful world of high school. Between freshman and sophomore years of high school, I began forming feelings for one of my friends at the time. My eyes fell for his beauty, but it was my soul that fell for his gentle, well-natured manner within our inside jokes and shared conversations.

He was my first relationship ever, and being the typical teenaged girl, I took this “first love” seriously, celebrating “month-aversaries” and spending every moment I could with him once we became official. He would be one of my first hellos once I had arrived to school, and he would be my fondest farewell at the end of every school day.

Before I continue this story, I need to explain the situation of my high school. For those unfamiliar with Kamehameha Schools Kapālama, this school is literally located on a hill. Lower campus (freshmen and sophomores) is located towards the middle of the hill, while upper campus (juniors and seniors) is located towards the top of the hill.


Got that in your mind? Good! Sorry for the brief intermission! Now on with the story!

After school one day, I had an evening rehearsal for marching band. That school year, my marching band director at the time had mandated “mandatory study hall” after school before every evening rehearsal in the band room (all the way at upper campus). However, my last class of the day was P.E., which was right by where all my classes were at lower campus. My game plan after school was pretty simple – walk up to the band room after spending some time with the boyfriend. (we’ll reference him as Mr. S from now on because I am honestly cringing just associating “boyfriend” in this post with an ex)

Mr. S, however, had different plans. Every time I would try to start walking up to the band room, he would not let me leave his arms. Instead, he would only wrap his arms around me tighter. “You can just catch one of the country busses up to the band room!” he had told me. After much persuasion, I had decided to catch one of the country busses with some of the marching band freshmen up to the band room.

Once the school bell rang at 3:30 p.m., I was saying my final goodbye to Mr. S before I went to board a bus. As I was hugging him, his head started to lower towards my own…and I immediately went full-on panic mode! I think he’s going to kiss me! I kind of just went with things and leaned in to kiss him…

I ended up kissing him on the nose!

Panic flowed through me, and I was soon grabbing all my school things and running onto the first bus I saw. Rushing to a seat, I quickly looked outside the window to see what he was doing. There he was, constantly pacing back and forth. He would stop for a couple of seconds to stare at the bus I ran on before continuing his rapid pacing. I was so embarrassed. What were you thinking?! What if he didn’t want to kiss you?? Are you nuts?!

I looked outside one more time and noticed he was gone. As soon as I wondered where he might have gone, the bus suddenly began to shake, and a plop was soon felt next to me. I turned to a somewhat shaken Mr. S next to me on the bus!

“What the heck are you doing??” I screamed. “You need to catch your own bus!”

However, Mr. S had his own response that completely shocked me.

“I’m not leaving until I give you a proper kiss!”

As touching as that was, I did not want to be the reason for him missing his bus to go home. I just kept telling him to get off since his own bus would be here at any moment. After a while, he stood up to leave…but the bus doors closed, and we were soon off to upper campus! I couldn’t help but laugh at what was happening as we rode the bus together.

Once we got to upper campus, we walked to the band room. Stopping by the doors, we turned to each other to say our final goodbye. As we hugged, he pushed my bangs behind my ear. As we let go, he leaned in to kiss me. It was short, but it was probably one of the sweetest moments we had shared throughout the time we had spent together in that relationship.

So here ends my tale of my first kiss. Even though I may not see Mr. S in the brightest of lights anymore, sharing that sweet, yet hilarious first kiss with him is something I’ll always cherish.

Me ke aloha,

P.S.: What’s your first kiss story? Was it as embarrassing as mine, or was it a sweet moment? I would love to hear your stories! 🙂

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