You were unlike any boy I had ever fallen for.


You weren’t my first rodeo,

But I was so sure.

You were different from the last.

I had found home within your arms,

Warmth within your deep eyes,

And a love so divine Aphrodite would be jealous

Of that gravitational force within

The beatings of our hearts.


But then you left.


Physically to a different place.

Emotionally to a different world

Of hatred,

Of resentment,

Of isolation.

Coming back only to spew daggers

Straight into my heart.


How could you do that to me?


How could the boy with the kindest soul,

The sweetest laughter,

The gentlest hugs,

How could the boy with a heart so immense,

The one I couldn’t help but fall for

The moment I had laid eyes on him,

Leave me head over heels in love

Only to return six weeks later with

A permanent case of amnesia?


How could you betray me after all we’ve been through?

Wasn’t I enough?


Now when I feel ready to begin anew

Ready to open my heart

Once shattered,

Barely rebuilt,

I cannot help but fear

In the crevices of my mind

And the tremblings of my beating heart

That the next one I’ll trust

Will vanish,


Running away never to return.


The same way you did.


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt – Betrayed

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