Dancing in the Rain!

Aloha ahiahi kākou! Good evening, everyone! 🙂 I hope you’re having a lovely Saturday!

My morning was definitely an eventful one today! For those who are not in Hawaiʻi, today’s weather forecast had called for flash flood warnings and a whole lot of rain. However, my hula hālau also had a performance this morning! We had performed for the 31st Annual Rubber Ducky Race! Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like! The Hawaiʻi United Cerebral Palsy Association holds this annual event to raise money for their cause. People are able to “adopt a ducky” for $5 each, and the duckies are then poured into the Ala Wai Canal for the annual race! Prizes are won for both the fastest and the slowest ducks!


The rubber duckies being poured into the Ala Wai Canal at this year’s event. (photo: UCPA Hawaii – United Cerebral Palsy Association’s Facebook page)


The duckies “racing” to the finish line! (photo: UCPA Hawaii – United Cerebral Palsy Association’s Facebook page)

My hula hālau had the great honor of performing at this event for many years now, and this year was no exception. Even though there was rainy weather, that did not stop my hula sisters and I from dancing our hearts out for this wonderful cause!

Because of the rain, our setup for the stage was a tent with some artificial grass for us to dance on. However, my kumu had allowed us to dance with our slippers (flip flops for those not from Hawaiʻi) so that we would not slip. I think I was most excited about that since we never do that in hula, the only other time being for the hot parking lot ground at another performance a long time ago! However, I ended up foregoing my slippers halfway through the performance since most of the numbers I danced were on the slower side compared to my other (younger) hula sisters.


Our “stage” for the morning! (photo: my kumu hula)

Thankfully we did not have the whole hālau today, so we all could fit both on the artificial grass while performing and underneath the tent behind the grass while waiting to perform. However, the rain had continued to pour throughout the whole show, and some of it was leaking through one part of the tent! This just so happened to be my spot of the “stage” most of the times I performed today, and I ended up being the most soaked one out of all of my hula sisters by the time our performance was complete! However, I was not upset. I was actually pretty stoked! It was extremely fun dancing in the rain and being soaked by God’s blessing of rain water! Besides, this is probably the first time our hālau had to deal with stormy weather at a performance in my 20 years of dancing, and I definitely would take dancing in the rain and getting wet over dancing in the hot sun in a heartbeat!


The hula hālau and I along with some of our families after the show 🙂 (photo: my kumu hula)

Even though the weather today may have been gloomy, it was still a beautiful day to help raise money and awareness for cerebral palsy! It is definitely a lovely feeling to have been a part of such a wonderful event for so many years now!

I hope you all stay safe, warm, and dry this weekend! 🙂

Me ke aloha,

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