Don’t forget to stop and…balance the eggs??

You thought I would finish the quote with the typical “smell the roses”, didn’t you? Well, even though the saying isn’t exactly the same, the meaning of the saying remains. How does balancing eggs relate to slowing down & appreciating life and its surroundings, you may ask? Let me share my story of how this came to be. (And before you ask, yes, I definitely am typing out a blog about balancing eggs)

This all began in the beginning of January. I was having one of those “I feel sad for no reason” moments as I was talking to my friend, Trenton. His usual remedy for cheering me up (or at least distracting my mind) is getting me out of the house. Although I usually decline the offer, that time I had decided to get out of my house to hang out with him and his two friends, Chin and Munchy (aka “our Lord and Savior Munchy,” according to Trenton).

While we were watching Trenton cook himself some food (and judging him on his cooking skills), our conversation somehow led to Chin sharing about how you can balance an egg (vertically, not horizontally) on the day of the Equinox due to a shift in gravity or something of that sort (which I’ve learned later that it’s definitely not the case). This led to us trying to prove that fact wrong, and the four of us decided we would try to balance an egg. It took quite a while (unsurprisingly), but eventually we were actually able to balance our eggs! Of course, we were all still determined to balance eggs again on the day of the Equinox (more so just for the heck of it, but determined nonetheless).

Fast forward to last night, March 20, 2018, or “Egg Balancing Day” as Trenton had ever-so-lovingly named this date. After I was done with work, I went with Trenton and Lindsey to get Chin, and the four of us were on our way to Trenton’s place (Munchy was busy with work, so our “Lord and Savior” was unable to join us that night). After spending some time with two gigantic, friendly puppies, we went to Target to purchase our eggs for the night (along with other breakfast food items for dinner).

Once we got back to Trenton’s place, the moment we’ve been waiting for had finally arrived! We each chose our egg carefully from the carton, and soon we were at the table balancing our eggs in sheer silence and concentration.

Our carton of eggs (left), and my “chosen” egg (right)

You know how people look like when they’re constantly on their phones? Huge, non-blinking eyes concentrating solely on that one item? That was the four of us trying to balance round eggs on solid, wooden coasters. Was the task impossible? You could easily say so. Were we still determined to balance these eggs before the night was over? Heck yes!

And one by one, we did! Was it because of the Equinox? We’d like to say it was. Highly unlikely, but at least the given task was successfully completed!

Our balanced eggs on the wooden coasters!

So what exactly is the point of this story, you may ask? Well…much like how it’s important to slow down and appreciate the things around you in life (to “stop and smell the roses”), Egg Balancing Day made me realize that sometimes it’s also important to stop and do something ridiculous every once in a while. We’re so busy growing up and making something of ourselves in society that we sometimes forget to enjoy the little moments and have some fun – actual pure, innocent, stupid fun. A type of fun that doesn’t require you to be on some sort of high or drug to enjoy. After all, it is all those ridiculous, hilarious moments that you will fondly look back on when you’re gray and old, not how much you’ve stressed and worked for success.

As I conclude this post, the next time you feel some tension in your life, stop and balance an egg or two! I promise you, the fun is in the challenge, and it is definitely an accomplishment when it actually balances!

Me ke aloha,

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