An Ode to Social Media

Isn’t it funny just how much of our lives are dictated
By a tiny blue “thumbs up”,
Or a red heart,
Or an emoji.

So much of our existence
So much of our worth is determined
By what is presented to the world
Through a screen in the palm of your hand.

We strive for what we deem is “perfection”
Through the words on a Facebook status,
A ten-second snippet on Snapchat,
Or an overly edited Instagram picture
Hiding our imperfections
Our flaws
Our monotone lives
Behind a fake facade.

But what would happen if we just stopped posting?
What would happen if we just stepped away?

Would the world miss our presence?
Would the world mourn for us?

Or would we become invisible?
Slowly disappearing in the thoughts and minds
Of those we’ve strived so hard to please?

Who we are as people is dictated by what is seen
The “perfect” life
The “100 likes” life
That if one day we just stop,
People wouldn’t know
People wouldn’t notice
Until one day

We are nonexistent.


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt – Invisible

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