Lucky to Live in Hawaiʻi (Weekend Updates – picture edition!)

It was a lovely day spent at Lanikuhonua with the hālau! Here are some pictures that I had promised from my previous post!


My hula sisters and I had arrived about an hour or so before the fundraiser began, and it actually poured for a little! (It’s kind of difficult to tell, but it is raining in this picture) However, this allowed my hula sisters and I to bond while protecting ourselves from the rain underneath our tent 🙂

There were other entertainment at the event besides our hālau, but here are the only pictures I took. The first picture is of Kuʻuipo Kumukahi, a well-known musician for her perpetuating of traditional Hawaiian music and style of playing. The second picture is of two haumāna of Nāpua Greig, a well-known musician and award-winning kumu hula of Hālau Nā Lei Kaumaka O Uka.


Waiʻanae is known for the ulu niu, or coconut tree, and the whole area of Lanikuhonua is surrounded in the lush beauty of these trees. Many songs of this area talk about the abundance of these trees, so it is always lovely to see these trees while in the area.


My grandma and I decided to look at the beach before it was time to prepare for the performance, and I was able to snap some photos. For someone who has lived in Hawaiʻi all her life, I barely go to the beach. Because of this, I always enjoy viewing the ocean and taking in the beauty that God has blessed upon us all. Even though it was a cloudy day, beauty still resonated 🙂

My heart feels so full from this weekend full of hula. It’s such a blessing to call Hawaiʻi my home ❤

Me ke aloha,


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